Cooperation with foreign partners

Cooperation with foreign partners allows us to provide a wide range of services outside of Croatia.

Analyzes and expertises

Offers services from the domain of analysis and expertise in collaboration with eminent experts from the field of Graphology, biochemical expertise and others.

The use of unmanned aircraft

Using drones, it is possible to monitor the performance of your work on your business or residential complex.

VIP protection

Protection of a person with a constant escort of a security guard. Safety and protection of children as well as the construction of the PANIC room within your living space.

Detective advice

The form of providing expert assistance, which consists of intellectual support, or professional guidance of parties in solving certain situations.

Missing persons

Search for people who have left the place of residence

Marriage fraud

Marital and post-conflict disputes, and the protection of juvenile rights in custody cases.

Research of companies

Verification of the creditworthiness of natural and legal persons – performance and business of natural and legal persons

Incident Accident

Abuse of insurance and causing a traffic accident – insurance fraud.