Detective powers:

Detective work is performed in accordance with the provisions of Art. 8. – 27. of the Private Detective Act (No. 24/09), and the Code of Detective Ethics Code.

A private detective may collect information and information about:

Missing persons or persons who are hiding from the party, persons who have written or sent anonymous letters or to the persons who represent the defamation, insult or account for something from personal, family or business life that may harm someone’s honor or reputation,• persons who have caused damage to foreigners,

persons who have caused damage to foreigners

cases that have been lost or stolen,

Evidence that foreigners need to secure or exercise the rights or privileges that they have before a court or other state authorities and to companies or associations,

performance of persons in the performance of duties,

Success and / or business of companies, tradesmen and other legal entities

facts and circumstances relating to the personal position of citizens and their property status,

candidates for employment and workers only with their written consent, which according to a special regulation is authorized to collect the employer,

Criminal offenses prosecuted by private lawsuits and their perpetrators,

violations of working obligations or work discipline.

In addition to the collection of information and information referred to in Article 9 of this Act, a private detective may:

plan and implement measures to protect business secrets, information systems, economic and personal data and information, in accordance with a contractual agreement with the party,

Perform the delivery of written evidence in court, administrative and other proceedings.


We attach great importance to your business's secure business, intellectual property security, property and reputation. Information that enables you to take advantage of general prevention, change procedures, introduction of organizational, technical and software solutions that contribute to overall business security.


The Detective Agency Pasco offers services from the domain of analysis and expertise in cooperation with eminent experts from the field of Graphology, biochemical expertise, polygraphic expertise, traffic examinations.


The new offering of the detective agency Pasco is the use of unmanned Dronov aircraft. Using Dron's is possible to monitor the performance of your business or residential complex. If you are on a business trip and it is of vital interest to be in the process of doing the works, photo drum video can be absolutely familiar with all the work on your site.

Furthermore, semi-farmers who own large land plots using the drone can only view crop germination for a few minutes. Insufficient germs, and in real-time can see what is needed for crops without spending time and visiting several hectares of land. From a height is a much better view.