The Detective Agency specializes in solving the following cases:

Property law relations – all forms, enforcement proceedings, etc.

Abuse of property, especially industrial and intellectual property, etc.

Scams – in all forms, especially in the economy, civil fraud, detection of perpetrators

Marital and post-conflict disputes, and protection of juvenile rights in custody cases

Abuse of insurance and causing a traffic accident – insurance fraud

Searching for missing persons and objects

Search for people who have left the place of residence

Verification of the creditworthiness of natural and legal persons – the success and business of natural and legal persons

Injury of work obligations, work discipline

Detective Advice – a form of providing expert assistance, consisting of intellectual support, or professional guidance of parties in solving specific situations.


The price of detective work on the field is 250 kn / hour.

The cost of using the vehicle is 2,00 kn / km.

The total price of detective field work depends on the client and his estimate, which is the critical time a private detective must spend on the field.

In addition to the mentioned cost, any expenses incurred: tolls, accommodation, bill of lading, other taxes …

Prices for investigation and verification of this counter-insight of the premises are determined after the assessment and case analysis.

Estimates and case studies are based on information provided by a client to a private detective.

If a private detective determines that there is a legal interest and that there are opportunities to determine new circumstances and facts, he will provide the client with a specification of the service. If the client accepts the terms of the offer, the signing of the contract and the power of attorney follows, and then the private detective begins with the contracted work.

The above prices for detective services are not included in VAT.


We attach great importance to your business's secure business, intellectual property security, property and reputation. Information that enables you to take advantage of general prevention, change procedures, introduction of organizational, technical and software solutions that contribute to overall business security.


The Detective Agency Pasco offers services from the domain of analysis and expertise in cooperation with eminent experts from the field of Graphology, biochemical expertise, polygraphic expertise, traffic examinations.


The new offering of the detective agency Pasco is the use of unmanned Dronov aircraft. Using Dron's is possible to monitor the performance of your business or residential complex. If you are on a business trip and it is of vital interest to be in the process of doing the works, photo drum video can be absolutely familiar with all the work on your site.

Furthermore, semi-farmers who own large land plots using the drone can only view crop germination for a few minutes. Insufficient germs, and in real-time can see what is needed for crops without spending time and visiting several hectares of land. From a height is a much better view.